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Our affiliates rock! We simply adore them.
Hopefully, these frequently asked questions and answers about being a Beauty by Earth affiliate will inspire you to join the BBE family.


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Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most common platforms that Affiliates share links on?

Instagram is the true king in our industry, but there are tons of options. Just to name a few:





-Personal websites/blogs





-Pay-per-click advertisements

So much more!

Where do I login to ShareASale?

Follow this link to log in:

Where do I login to UpPromote?

Please visit this link to log in -

What is my Commission Rate?

Base commission rates start at or around 10%.

Can anyone become an Affiliate?

Simply put, yes! Anyone with a computer, the internet and a network of people can promote our products and get paid! We screen applicant for the purpose of protecting our brand image and ask everyone to respect the family-friendly nature of our brand.

How can I become an Affiliate?

 Simply fill out this application and we’ll get back to you in no time! It takes 5 minutes or less and can be a total game-changer for your business!

Will it cost me anything to sign up as an Affiliate?

Only about ten minutes of your time! Otherwise, it’s totally free.

Do I have to have a website to be an Affiliate?

No! Obviously we’d love for you to promote our products on a website, but some of the most successful Affiliates rely solely on their social media reach!

I just tried to sign up, but it says my email is already in use. Help!

This typically happens when a profile has already been created or previously linked to the email you're using. The solution? Just reset your password! Go to the log in page first, click reset and you should be good to go.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Simply shoot us an email at We’ll get back to you in a hot minute!

How can I generate URLs for my campaigns?

If you are signed up as an affiliate, you can create them in your dashboard on Share A Sale or UpPromote. Just follow these steps:

Log into your account and go to your dashboard or banner links in Share A SaleCopy the URLShare the URL with your followers! NOTE: This URL is the key to getting paid. It tracks sales associated with our shares.If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us.

How do I log in and access my account once I'm approved?

Once accepted, you can log in via the UpPromote log in or the Share A Sale log in page. (Pro tip: you can also find it on the footer of every single page, if you forget in the future).

Can I design my own creatives?

ou can! If you use our logo, we simply ask that you use our brand colors and make sure it’s visible. The important thing is to use your URL – the image does not affect your commission.

Do you have a program for recruiting other Affiliates for Beauty by Earth?

Unfortunately, not at this point.


    Base commission rate on both Share A Sale and UpPromote is set at 10%. Rates are subject to change based on discounts offered and campaigns.


    Beauty By Earth currently uses both UpPromote and Share A Sale. Both offer the same commission rates, coupons, and program advantages.

    (Note: GRIN is no longer active as of December 2021.)


    Login to UpPromote here & Share A Sale here.

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