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Sharing a little kindness

December 06 /2019


Tessa, of, shares 30 days of serving.

It’s a dreary Black Friday In Denton, TX—rain pelting my car as we drive home from our annual countryside Thanksgiving in Sanger, TX. The clouds are puckered and bruised-purple, reminding me more of a gothic Victorian novel than the entrance into the “holiday season.” This year the holidays took me by surprise.

For months I’ve witnessed the trappings of Christmas creeping by inches across the shelves of Target. But now it’s actually here and it strangely feels sudden. Jingle Bells has finally come into its own now that the remnants of our turkey and stuffing have been parceled away in the fridge. We’re zooming into a harried ride of shopping, parties, recitals, school performances, and family gatherings. Amid the frenzy and excitement of the season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s even easier to become so agenda-driven that we neglect the greatest joy of this time of year—giving back to others.

It’s with this purpose in mind that we are slowing down a little this December to highlight inspiring stories of women in our community. That’s where we meet Tessa of

As her site’s name implies, Tessa is the epitome of #boymom. She’s raising 4 little men—ages ranging from 17 to 3 years old—while running 2 small businesses. She also enjoys staying balanced through self-care, nutrition, and exercise. Grounded in her faith, she makes it day after day, finding light in the triumphs while admitting to faults. Needless to say, she’s got her work cut out for her. But, through the thick of it all, she stays true to her dedication to fostering kindness and positivity in her community.

#30DaysofServing is a 30-day challenge created by Tessa and her family, meant to promote goodwill through random acts of service. In this time, the Karnath bunch will find little ways to bring some philanthropic, festive spirit into the heart of their community. Already they’ve made a big impact through contributions such as bringing brownies to elderly folks in their neighborhood, brushing snow off of cars, bringing sandwiches to sanitation workers, and much more.

Tessa sought to complete this challenge not only to inspire others via social media to take action but also to instill the value of giving back in her own littles—as well as some of their peers. For Day 4 of the challenge, they shared a book at school of the same nature, reinforcing humility in a season that can be so individually targeted to children about receiving gifts, not giving. Raising your kiddos up on these important values makes for a better, more considerate tomorrow.

“Kindness is a ripple effect. When you drop a rock in water, what happens? The water ripples. Giving kindness has the same effect on others! What is one thing you did today to be kind?”

Tessa Karnath, @these_4_boys

So what can we take away from #30DaysofServing? Well, for one it serves as a reminder to think of others as we hang up the decorations and partake in festivities. It also shows us how we may inspire a more positive environment for the next generation. Whatever your traditions maybe this time of the year, consider keeping up with the Karnaths and lend a helping hand to others. It’s sure to bring you all the warm tidings!

You can follow Tessa on Instagram at these_4_boys or visit her website at



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