Exfoliating Gloves (Heavy Exfoliation) - Single - Beauty by Earth
Exfoliating Gloves - Heavy - Beauty by Earth
Exfoliating Gloves (Heavy Exfoliation) - {{variant_title}} - Beauty by Earth
Exfoliating Gloves (Heavy Exfoliation) - {{variant_title}} - Beauty by Earth
Exfoliating Gloves - Heavy - Beauty by Earth

Exfoliating Gloves (Heavy Exfoliation)

Scrub away dry, flakey, bumpy, and dead skin from the comfort of your own shower. These heavy exfoliating gloves refresh your body, making you look...

Scrub away dry, flakey, bumpy, and dead skin from the comfort of your own shower. These heavy exfoliating gloves refresh your body, making you look and feel amazing. Grab your favorite natural body wash, your heavy exfoliating gloves, and hit that shower! You might never want to leave . . .

    Exfoliating Gloves (Heavy Exfoliation)
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      This fabric is great as a natural exfoliant!

    70% bamboo fiber + 30% cotton

    Hop in the shower with your exfoliating glove.

    Run your glove under the water to get it nice and damp. Add a dollop of your favorite body wash to the palm of your glove.

    Gently scrub over your legs, torso, and arms using circular motions.

    Rinse away any leftover cleanser.

    Hang your glove up in a well-ventilated place to dry.

    Repeat whenever you want an amazing, exfoliating massage.

    • No! Quite the contrary, actually. Most people find the experience of No! Quite the contrary, actually. Most people find the experience of exfoliating gloves extremely refreshing. It just feels amazing!

    • On calluses, we’d recommend a pumice stone or foot file.

    • The skin on your face is very delicate. These gloves are much too rough for your face! Try a facial scrub instead for a similar outcome but with mild exfoliation.

    • They’re very durable! Most customers don’t need to replace them for months.

    • These gloves are probably on the small side for a man with large hands. There isn’t much stretch in the material, so if you’re blessed with extra-large hands, we suggest trying a dry brush instead.

    • They are 100% nylon.

    • While all of our formulations (like self tanner and eye cream) are made in the United States, we do sometimes source materials from other places. In the case of these exfoliation gloves, we’ve made them with a reputable manufacturer in China.


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    We Believe in Only Using the Best Ingredients
Like you, we're all about protecting what we love: our bodies,
our families, our communities, and our planet. It's revolutionary,
we know, but some things are worth fighting for. This is why we
choose only the best clean, effective ingredients that will
make you glow with confidence.
Two Pairs
    GET READY TO Glow!
Perfect lather
Quick-dry fabric
Improves skin texture
Self tanner prep or removal
Removes dry skin & dead skin cells
    4 Simple Steps To Better-Looking Skin
Place gloves
on hand and
run them
Add your favorite Rinse your gloves
body wash and
with warm water
gently scrub in
and hang to dry.
circular motions.
Take a moment
to marvel at
your soft,
smooth, skin.
-medium exfoliation
-heavy exfoliation
100% nylon fabric
Exfoliating Gloves
    Buy with Conscience
Great relaxation gift
or stocking stuffer

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Very good value

    They are just wonderful for the bath and shower.

    Great exfoliation

    I love the exfoliating glove. I only use one at a time for longer use. Gently exfoliates, easy to rinse out and fits hand well.

    Miss M.

    I have Psoriatic Arthritis and nothing seemed to help. I thought I would try these gloves and they worked wonders! After shower use a good moisturizer or body oil and you’re good to go!

    Pretty thick glove

    I believe I ordered the thick scrubby gloves. Opened it and it had 4 gloves. Very thick. I only use one at a time. I use one for about 4weeks, with regular hand washing. I trash that one and grab another. Repeat. I do this so I can have a free hand for bar soap or a bottle of soap. 🤷‍♀️ I have those tiny bumps on the back of my arm, I use this to scrub there, and great for elbows and knees. I use it gently for my face also. Holding up pretty well.

    Overall great product

    Product works better than any exfoliating scrub I have used and will definitely purchase again only downside is the glove are kinda tight and I have medium sized hands