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"Seriously the most perfect pairing! It's the perfect pick me up for my skin." -Reilly B


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Rosy & Radiant Duo

We’re pretty confident that rose quartz and coffee are a girl’s best friend (who needs diamonds?!). That’s why we’ve made the perfect pair: rose quartz roller and our award-winning Coffee Bean Eye Cream. Use this duo to help all of your favorite serums and moisturizers sink into your skin while brightening tired eyes. With regular use, you’ll experience the benefits of facial lymphatic drainage for a beautiful, snatched complexion!

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Safe for everyone to use, even you sensitive babes! Both our rose quartz roller and our eye cream that make up this Rosy & Radiant duo are safe for all skin types.


This roller is made of a smooth, cool stone with a lovely rosy hue. Along side its trusted sidekick, our Coffee Bean Eye Cream, which absorbs easily into the skin with a delicious yet subtle hint of cranberry and jasmine scent.


All you need is a little pea sized amount to moisturize that delicate skin around your eyes, and to feel brand new!


We recommend using our Coffee Bean Eye Cream morning and night, but suggest adding the rose quartz roller only to your nighttime routine.


Many people notice the physical results of lymphatic drainage and reduced puffiness upon their first use of our rose quartz roller! For more visible results, we recommend 2-3 months of regular use. As for our Coffee Bean Eye Cream, with the help of your roller you’ll notice brighter eyes within about 15 minutes of application! And after that 2-3 months we mentioned above, deep wrinkles will noticeably soften and be less visible. We know, pretty amazing right?


Here’s some more good news. With proper care, your rose quartz roller should last you indefinitely! As for your new favorite eye cream, replacing it ever 3-4 months is the common timeframe most BBE babes adhere to.

What's Inside

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Rose Quartz

Benefits:Cool to the touch, rose quartz helps relax and soothe the skin. It calms the skin while implementing blood cirulation and ot's anti-aging properties.

Coffee Coffea Arabica

Benefits:Brighten under eyes and reduce dark circles, has anti aging properties, nourishes the skin, reduces water tensions which leads to the breakdown of cellulite, and it's rich source of vitamin b3 which helps prevent nonmelanoma skin cancers.

Organic Aloe Vera Aloe Barbadensis

Located:North Africa + Southern Europe
Benefits: Help nourish and soothe sunburns and small cuts. It has anti-inflammatory effects so it works great for inflammatory forms of acne, eczema, and psoriasis flare ups.

Cranberry Fruit Extract Vaccinium Macrocarpon

Located:North America
Benefits:This jolly red berry is brimming with Vitamin C—an essential nutrient to boosting collagen production and improving skin’s elasticity. It also helps give oxygen to your skin, giving it a soft, youthful glow

Vegetable Glycerin Glycol

Benefits:Vegetable glycerin soothes irritated skin, guards against injection, and helps restore health. While there are numerous ways to make vegetable glycerine, we make ours from organic, ethically sourced Palm Oil.

Seriously the most perfect pairing! It’s the perfect pick me up for my skin.

How to use

  • STEP 1:

    First thing’s first: you don’t want to roll dirt and bacteria into that precious face of yours, babe! Make sure you’re starting with a clean slate, ready to apply your eye cream and to get rolling. We recommend a gentle foaming cleanser like this one, to really get your Rosy & Radiant routine started off on the right foot.

  • STEP 2:

    Squeeze a very small amount of eye cream onto your fingertips. Transfer a few dots of cream underneath each eye. Use your ring finger to gently pat the cream into the skin around your eye area, and don’t worry if there is a bit of residue because your rose quartz roller is here to help all the product sink into your skin. Be gentle, and don’t get any in your eye!

  • STEP 3:

    Take your Rose Quartz Roller and highlight these main areas; Forehead: Roll downwards towards your ear until you reach your temple. Eyes: Use the smaller end of your roller for the skin around your eyes. Begin by placing your roller on the inner corner of your under eye. Roll outwards towards your ear. Face: Roll your cheekbones, lips, and chin using the same basic method as your forehead and eyes. Starting at the center of your face (next to your nose, in the center of your upper lip, or the center of your chin), roll outwards towards your ears. Jawline: Set your roller on the center of your chin, then roll upwards towards your cheekbones. Repeat from your chin’s underside towards your ears, then from the top of your neck down to your collarbones.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get excited! Your gift set includes our lovely rose quartz roller and award-winning Coffee Bean Eye Cream. These two brightening bffs come in their very own gift bag, too, so they’ll always stay together. Win, Win, Win!

Our Rose Quartz roller is a beauty tool that makes it easy to give your skin the benefits of quartz. Each roller showcases two beautiful stones in a well-crafted roller. Every stone is 100% natural Rose Quartz.

Start with a clean face! Make sure you get your skin nice and prepped by cleaning it with a gentle face wash or facial soap. Next, apply small, pea-sized dots of eye cream to the skin under both your eyes and gentle massage in. Finally, get rolling! Starting from the center of your face, roll outwards towards your ears. Use the larger stone for your forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck, and the smaller stone for the areas around your eyes. Repeat each section 5 times before moving on to the next. We like this video guide.

Yes. Many of our customers find that putting their roller in the refrigerator or freezer enhances their experience. This is perfectly safe to do and will not harm your roller.

Coffee (a.k.a. caffeine) is great for your eyes for numerous reasons! Its unique chemical framework helps constrict your skin’s blood vessels (which show up as blue tones in your skin), hence reducing those dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. BIG WIN! Coffee also helps brighten your skin around your eyes. It gives you that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed vibe regardless of how much fun you had staying up late last night. 😘

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