Affiliates Update - February 22, 2023

Affiliates Update - February 22, 2023




The top affiliates from the past 7 days:

Top Performers
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Essentials Club + Premium Lines

20% commission
Storewide  VDAY - BOGO Storewide!   Your regular commission
Bundle Builder n/a 20% commission + $50 bonus for 1st 5 sales!

Essentials Club extreme commission increase is over, but we are offering 20% commission (vs standard 10%) for any Essentials Club or Premium Line sales.

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Useful Things

How to Stop The Scroll—Creating Engaging Content 

If you're not already following Jennifer from Tonic Sites ShopSTOP EVERYTHING and follow now. Her content is golden! Here's an excerpt from her article on "Stop Writing Boring Emails," which really applies to any form of content:



Most boring emails start out the same way:

“Hi Jennifer, I want to tell you about something crazy that happened this week. I could hardly believe it!”

Nope, sorry. All of that copy is unnecessary, and I’m already bored. 

Try this instead:

“Hey, Jen! My friend Alex has a habit of befriending random bartenders, and sometimes it gets her everyone in trouble. This was one of those times…”

You want to see how that story ends, right?

No one wants to hear about the story you’re going to tell—don’t make them unwrap the Amazon packaging to get to the product.

By starting in the middle of the story, you’ll be able to hook your reader’s attention so they can’t WAIT to read on and find out what happens.

I always go back to this favorite copywriting tip: “if they don’t read your first line, they won’t read your second one, either.” 

----------------------- READ THE FULL POST

This strategy is true for all forms of content. In fact, it's the very foundation of what we call "Hooks" on TikTok. Start with a tantalizing "hook" (i.e., the middle of the story), and reel them in.

Instagram Is Testing Broadcast Channels, a Public Chat Feature for Creators

From the Leap

What are Instagram’s broadcast channels?

Broadcast channels are public, discoverable chat experiences where creators can directly engage with their followers and share information such as new product releases.

All followers will be able to view the content on a channel, but only those who choose to join in will receive notifications when the creator posts.

Only creators can send messages. However, members are invited to read, react, and vote within the channel.

Instagram said that it’s working on adding more features to broadcast channels, including the ability to bring another creator into the channel for collaborations. Additionally, it plans to let followers submit questions for Ask Me Anything sessions via question prompts.

If you are looking for more interactive ways to connect with your followers, this new feature may be calling your (user)name. 

📣 Get updates from your fave creators with broadcast channels 💬  We’re testing a way for creators to invite followers to join their public chat for announcements and updates, where you can read and react to messages and vote in polls 🙌


Who can use this feature?

Right now, Instagram is testing broadcast channels with a select group of creators., including Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim and director Karen X Cheng. The platform plans to expand the feature to more users in the coming months.

For those interested, you can try to sign up to be on the waitlist using a mobile device. Meta said in a press release that it will be “providing early access on a rolling basis.”

How to start a broadcast channel

If you are able to get access, you can start a channel from your Instagram inbox. Your followers will receive a notification to join your channel after you send your first message. To encourage followers to opt in, pin the channel link to your profile. You can also use the “join channel” sticker in Stories.


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Here are creatives you're free to use in promoting Beauty by Earth! Click image to open in a new window and save. 

Essentials Bundle
Essentials Bundle

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Beauty by Earth
Beauty by Earth

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