QUIZ: Which 90's song is your skincare routine?

QUIZ: Which 90's song is your skincare routine?

If you lived through the 90's, you surely remember some of the trends that made us totally love this decade. From frosted lipstick to light-up sneakers, there are some things us 90's babies will never forget! And if there's one aspect of this pre-millennium era we still enjoy reminiscing with today, it's the music! Take a trip down memory lane, and check out this little "Skincare like a 90's Song" post that just might inspire you on your next BBE online shopping haul!

Shhh... Don't Speak.

Image of the 90's band No Doubt.

... To us when we're chilling with our naturally relaxing bath bombs. No seriously, quiet time please!

Image of a BBE bath bomb alongside rose petals.

For those times when to be normal is to be a Creep. . .

Facial Serum

To you, there's nothing more pedestrian and creepy than dry, creased skin. Your skincare must-have is equally unique, a luxurious blend of exotic Blue Tansy and Sacha Sacha Inchi. This restorative facial serum gives your visage that little bit of je-ne-sais-quoi that makes you so iconic!

Everybody (Needs to Wash Their Body)


Everybody needs to wash their body . . . which is why this peppermint body wash is a daily must. For anyone ready to get some balance, some zen, and some chill in their morning, this body wash is prepped to deliver.

Peppermint Body Wash

Still not a player.

Image of the Big Pun album cover.

For real. We don't play when it comes to our under eyes, and our coffee bean eye cream! There is only one under eye brightening product we admire - and it's this little guy!

Image of a woman holding up the BBE coffee bean eye cream.

Need a (90's) sign?

Image of the 90's group Ace of Base.

As Ace of Base would say, we saw the sign and it opened up our eyes. And we mean to natural, non-toxic self-tanning that is! Ditch the toxic tanners and get bronze with BBE's natural tanning gems, babe!

Image of a woman holding up the BBE self-tanner.

... Baby one more time

Image of Britney Spears from the Baby One More Time video.

... Just one more spritz of our *highly addictive* BBE facial toner with rose water! Use this baby before applying your moisturizer, and thank us later!

We don't want no scrubs.

Image of the 90's group TLC

Ok maybe just one scrub. But the essential kind that you won't find hangin' out the passenger side of his best friend's ride. Catch our drift?

Image of a BBE girl using her coffee scrub.

And after all, you're our (90's loving) Wonderwall

Image of the 90's band Oasis.

You already know we seriously love ya, babe. And it's safe to say, we definitely consider you our "Wonderwall" ... 🎶 No, seriously... We're not even Torn about it. In this Semi-Charmed Life, we hope you won't think us a Creep if we ask you to Always Be [Our] Baby. (See what we did there? 😜)

Go ahead and treat yourself to one of these great beauties! Then, tell us just how much you enjoyed it below.

Nintendo & AOL dial-up,

Carey <3

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