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Facial Toner

The Purpose of Toner in Skincare (And Why You Should be Using It)

May 12 /2020


In recent times, we’ve seen our skincare routines grow from a handful of products to entire brigades of assorted goods—with some names rivaling the likes of Harry Potter potions. While they serve their purpose, it’s easy to get bogged down debating their everyday necessity. So, what do I really need to be using? (Besides the typical cleanser or moisturizer, of course.) Well, one product we can’t stress the importance of enough is toner. Toner can play a vital role in the state of your skin, and here’s why.

Toner Balances pH

Whoa. Blast from chem class past. Yes, just as the pH (or acidity) levels of lab solutions need to be considered, so does the pH of your skin. The skin at its healthiest state has a pH of around 5.5, which is slightly acidic. Many factors, from acne to the environment to detergents, can affect this ideal level. Your skin barrier, the skin’s first line of defense, is reliant on pH. Thus, it’s important to not stray too far from that number. That’s where toner comes in handy. One purpose of toner in skincare is to balance out your pH by introducing acidity, bringing you from a more alkaline state to the optimal, slightly acidic state. In doing so, it restores the skin’s radiance as well.

Woman spraying her face with toner

Soothes Skin

Skin irritation and redness is no fun. You won’t need to go digging in your ice cube tray for quick, cool relief, though. A lot of toners have soothing ingredients that will quickly calm down raging skin. For instance, Beauty by Earth’s Facial Toner contains aloe vera juice and witch hazel extract—both known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Beauty by Earth facial toner in rose petal water

Toner Clears Away Excess Oil, Dirt, Debris, & More

Have you ever wondered if you’ve really gotten everything off with your makeup remover and cleanser? Despite everything, it’s certainly possible your face isn’t entirely clean. Another purpose of toner in skincare is to serve as a last measure against any leftover makeup, oil, etc.

Woman wiping her cheek with a cotton pad

Kick Hydration Up a Notch

After you’ve spritzed your face with toner, you relish in that dewy feeling. Instead of letting it dry before carrying on to the next step, though, immediately follow up with your moisturizer. In doing so, you’re locking in moisture from the toner, leading to next-level hydration.

The purpose of toner in skincare is to keep everything balanced, calm, and refreshed. It’s a step you don’t want to miss out on.

Do you use toner? What other benefits do you get from it? Leave a comment!

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