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Self Tanner on Darker Complexions

If you were blessed with a beautiful, deep and dark complexion, self tanner may not be high on your list of beauty product priorities. However, after reading this blog, you might just change your mind about this glowing essential, girlfriend. We’re going to let you in on a few hidden self tanner secrets that work wonders on darker complexions.

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20 of the Best Self Tanners

If you’re obsessed with being a glowing goddess as much as we are, check out 20 of the best self tanners out there, right now.

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Self Tanner Fails!

You already know how much we *live* for an amazing self tan around here. But the truth is, on our journey to becoming experts, we too experienced a few umm, hiccups of our own. And let’s just say, watching a few of these totally relatable self tanner fails kinda made our day! Forgetting to put … Continued

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Problems Every Self Tanning Girl Knows!

We’ve got 99 problems… and we’ll admit that a few of them *sometimes* come from our slight addiction to natural self tanning. But hey, we think sun damage and harmful UV rays are a way bigger issue than the occasional orange palms. If you’re a babe who loves to get her glow on the natural … Continued

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Face Self Tanner Vs. Regular Self Tanner: What's the difference?

If you’ve dabbled in self tanner, you know how difficult it can be to get the perfect *non-orange* glow on your face. And because we think all of you should turn out bronze and beautiful when you use a self tanner, we can’t stress the importance of a facial self tanner enough! So if you … Continued

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Expert-Level Tips on How to Apply Self Tanner to the Hardest Spots!

We’ve all been there. Perfect natural self tanning products and accessories in hand, hoping for the very best glowy, *non-streaky* results. So you go to town and expect to wake up with the perfect all-over tan. Low and behold, as you get up to go make your morning espresso you notice your palms are orange … Continued

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Self Tanner: Before & After

A fresh tube of mascara, puppies, long summer nights, and a glowing tan: these are just a few of our favorite things. If you haven’t heard of our coveted vegan self tanner, girl where have you been? We’ve got everything you’ve ever wanted to know about self-tanning, right here. But in this little post, we … Continued

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How to Get the Best Sunless Tan for Your Wedding Day

That glow of elation you have on the inside is best worn on the outside, too. But, before you go seeking some color to perfect your style from the sun’s damaging rays, pick up a self tanner instead. Here’s how to get the best sunless tan for your wedding day, made from wholesome ingredients that will leave your skin flawless for the aisle.

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Daily Skincare Routine – How to Get Clear Skin Naturally

A daily skincare routine will keep your skin looking its best. Here are a few natural products that will help you perfect your complexion.

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Announcing The Best All Natural Self Tanner

People Are Buzzing About Why Beauty by Earth’s is the Best Natural Tanning Lotion On the fence about whether a natural self tanner is right for you or how to choose the best natural tanning lotion? It might be worth it to see what this BuzzFeed article has to say. Turns out I’m not the … Continued

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Self Tanner Stumped? See What These Beauty Bloggers Recommend

Is your self tanner one of the top self tanners of 2017? Is it giving you smooth and even coverage without turning you into an orange oompa loompa? Or is it weighing you down with missed spots and dark splotches? Turns out finding the perfect self tanner isn’t as tough as it may seem. At … Continued

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How to Use Self Tanner – 8 Tips You May Not Know

Ever wonder how to use self tanner the right way? You know, so you don’t end up with orange streaks and hands that don’t remotely match your body? I definitely have, especially in the past few weeks. See… it’s winter. And where I live, that means gloomy, rainy weather and temperatures a little too cool … Continued

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Fall In Love With Self Tanner – It’s Our Favorite Thing For Fall

Keep That Summer Glow Alive with Our Self Tanner Summer has ended, and Fall is in full swing. For some of us, that means the excitement of gearing up for a great holiday season. For others it means saying goodbye to fun in the sun – and the beautiful tan that goes with it. If … Continued

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Can I Self Tan While Pregnant?

You might be surprised to learn that we get this question quite a bit. Actually, like, a lot. And while we love answering each and every one of the inquiries you send us (seriously, we *live* to be your besties in all things natural beauty), we thought we’d dedicate an entire post to addressing this … Continued

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