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The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients

If you’re a sucker for a good ingredient list, babe you’re not alone. I mean, what could possibly be more satisfying than picking up a pretty product, reading the back of it, and not freaking out over toxic chemicals. For real. It’s right up there with some of our other favorite things in life like … Continued

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Beauty’s Weirdest Ingredients

For all of the things that we love about beauty, keeping it natural and plant-based is at the top of our lists. When organic beauty is your jam, you quickly become a pro at reading labels and furiously googling when you find an ingredient even Siri can’t pronounce. And in our quest to bring you … Continued

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Our Promise to You

Plant-Based Ingredients. No Harmful Toxins or Chemicals. Never Tested On Animals. Affordable Prices. Environmentally Sustainable. All Formulations Made in the USA.

Always made without these toxins: Sulfates · Parabens · Phthalates · Synthetic Dyes/Fragrences · Triclosan · Petroleum · Gluten