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Skin Care Bundles – What the World Would Be Like Without The “Bundle and Save”?

October 08 /2015


It’s Time to Bundle and Save!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, you know the good ol’ late nights and such and we’re rolling out some great new products (have you checked out our Facial Sunscreen or Self Tanner yet?), but that’s not all. We’ve also been thinking a lot about how our favorite products work together. By combining several different organic skin care products into a cohesive routine, your skin ends up being better cared for than if you used the individual products alone. Grouping certain products just makes sense, which is why we’re rolling out four great new skin care bundles on our on-line shop.  You know, sometimes more is just better.

And if Bundle and Save didn’t exist in this world, we might miss the opportunity to try that new product in a bundle that we haven’t tried yet.  Oh and let’s not mention the savings involved when you bundle full size products!

Bundling Up

When you pick up one of our skin care bundles, you’re making a choice to give yourself or someone you love a chance to use amazingly effective and NATURAL products. But that’s not all: you’re also picking up a great deal. Bundling certain products together lets us pass some savings on to you. You’ll pay less for one of our bundles than you would if you bought the products separately: who doesn’t want that?

Our Fabulous-First-Four Bundles

We are kicking off our Bundle and Save program with four brand new bundles, each focusing on a certain aspect of natural skin care. You’ll see some of our new products in many of them, along with some old familiar faces. Which one looks the best to you?

SunscreenBundleThe Sunscreen Bundle: Step outside and say “not today, sun damage.” Our sunscreen bundle is a sweet little collection of sun protection goodness. Start with a 2oz bottle of SPF 20 Facial Sunscreen to protect your complexion on a daily basis, then move on to a 4oz bottle of SPF25 for added defense from your neck to your toes.

FacialBundleCleansing Skin Care Bundle: Your complexion’s new best friend. Use the 4oz tube of hydrating facial mask to give yourself a mini-facial, then follow up with our facial toner with Witch Hazel and Rose Water. Keep your face clean and happy the rest of the time with a pair of konjac sponges. We’ve put both colors into the bundle, so whatever your skin needs, it gets.


Cleanse and Protect Facial Skin Care Bundle: Can’t decide between cleansing and protecting your face? There’s no need to! Our Cleanse and Protect Facial Skin Care Bundle is chock full of products to give your face all the TLC it needs. Pick up this bundle for a great deal on a 4oz tube of hydrating facial mask, a bottle of facial toner, a 2oz bottle of Facial Sunscreen, 2 tubes of peppermint lip balm, and a bonus cosmetics bag.


Ultimate Beauty Bundle: When we say ‘ultimate,’ we mean ultimate. Give yourself or a friend the pampering of a lifetime with our Organic Argan Oil, Hydrating Facial Mask, Konjac Sponges, Facial Sunscreen, Facial Toner, Peppermint Lip Balm, and a bonus cosmetics bag. If it’s something your skin and hair loves, it’s in this bundle.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Bundle?

…and we hope you like to bundle and save too. Let us know what you think, and keep your eye out for more big things coming soon to the Beauty by Earth Shop.  Oh we wont even get started with everything new on the horizon.  It’s all too exciting!!

What’s your favorite Beauty by Earth Bundle? If you could create your very own personalized bundle, what would it be? Please share!

Until next time . . .

Inspire Beauty, Naturally! 

Beauty by Earth



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