Konjac Body Sponge - Beauty by Earth
Konjac Body Sponge - Beauty by Earth - Holding in hand
Konjac Body Sponge - Beauty by Earth
Konjac Body Sponge - Beauty by Earth
Konjac Body Sponge - Beauty by Earth
Konjac Body Sponge - Beauty by Earth

Konjac Body Sponge

"The sponge left my skin clean, soft and feeling refreshed. " -Rachel P.

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Konjac Body Sponge
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If you are not caring for the skin on your body just as well as the skin on your face, you are not enjoying the level of confidence and beauty you deserve. Our Konjac body sponge gives your body the same level of natural cleansing and exfoliation as you give your face.

    • Konjac Plant Powder - Icon

      KONJAC PLANT POWDER ((Amorphophallus konjac))

      This incredibly gentle plant is perfect for sensitive or problematic skin. It helps prevent breakouts and treat acne and blackheads. This plant is also perfect for oily skin as it helps unclog pores.

    • Bamboo Powder - Icon

      BAMBOO POWDER ((Bambusoideae))

      Bamboo is your superhero fighting away the signs of aging and UV rays disrupting the balance of your skin. Bamboo is incredibly hydrating and improves your skin by strengthening your skin's barrier which helps fight against acne.

    Konjac Powder, Activated Bamboo Powder

    “It works so well! Is beginner friendly. It goes on like a regular white lotion so you know where it is going.”
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    Soak your sponge in warm water for up to a minute.

    Soak your sponge in warm water for up to a minute until it is saturated and soft. Squeeze out any excess water. If desired, add your favorite facial cleanser to your sponge.

    Gently rub it all over your body in a circular motion.

    Use it with your favorite liquid body wash, but you will not need to use as much as the sponge will increase the lather of the soap.

    Keep it in a well-ventilated area to dry after each time you wash with it.

    Use boiling water to sterilize it once a week. If you care for it well, your sponge will reward you with 8-12 weeks of use. Enjoy!

    We’re devoted to promoting people and the planet through clean beauty.

    • Best clean ingredients
    • Recyclable packaging
    • Plastic Neutral partnership
    • Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified
    • Powered by clean air
    • Minimal Waste
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    • If you’ve ever tried our facial konjac sponges, you know how clear, soft, and bright they make your skin. Now imagine that effect for your whole body! Our konjac body sponge lets you keep your skin at its best naturally – from head to toe.

    • Konjac sponges are a completely natural way to clean your skin. Their texture allows you to gently exfoliate as you cleanse, getting rid of dead skin and blackheads. And because they’re vegan, biodegradable, and never (ever) tested on animals, you’ll never have to worry about their environmental impact.

    • The biggest benefit of a konjac sponge is that it can be used on all skin types. Because it’s entirely natural – no chemicals, additives, or other junk – it can be used on almost any skin type. Whether your skin is sensitive or prone to acne, whether you’re young or old, this sponge will work for you.

    • We like to think that our body konjac sponge can do everything a loofah can, it just does it better. Loofahs tend to be made with synthetic dyes and materials, which aren’t always healthy for the earth or your skin. Their unique texture makes them more effective at exfoliating than a loofah. They’re also biodegradable, so unlike synthetic loofahs you won’t seem them clogging up landfills.

    • Of course! Your konjac sponge will come to you feeling as hard as a rock. Don’t panic – just let it soak in warm water for a few minutes. When it’s saturated, soft, and bouncy, it’s ready to use. Hop in the shower and gently massage over your body, using a little bit of your favorite cleanser (or not). Voila! Clean, healthy, exfoliated skin.

    • You might notice some differences between our body sponge and the sponges we provide for your face. The black facial konjac sponge contains an extra ingredient – bamboo charcoal – that improves its ability to cleanse certain types of skin.

    • Like all of our products, our konjac sponge is made without anything artificial or synthetic. Because all of our products are Leaping Bunny certified, you’ll never have to worry about if it’s been tested on animal. Basically, our sponge will give you gorgeous skin without any guilt – sounds like a great deal to us!

    • You can! Our konjac sponge is safe and gentle for all skin types, including acne-prone.

    • After use, rinse out any remaining cleanser. Gently squeeze out any moisture, then hang your sponge in a well ventilated area to dry. Sterilize by submerging in boiling water for a few minutes once a week.

    • With proper care, your sponge will give you at least 8-12 weeks of use.

    • Sure do! Reach out at wholesale@beautybyearth.com to find out more.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews

    This is my favorite body sponge!!

    Aww thank you so much!! We're delighted to hear how much you've been enjoying our konjac body sponge.

    Five Stars

    Excellent product! Love it!

    Worth the money

    Buying again soon, love it

    Ashley N.
    Five Stars

    Worked well.

    Love this sponge!

    I needed an exfoliating facial sponge and this did the trick! 😊




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