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Konjac Sponges

Konjac Sponges – A Revolutionary Skincare Product

September 12 /2014


We are so happy to announce the launch of our Konjac Sponges.  We released these last week on Amazon and they are already impressing customers!  We have priced them just right so that everyone can enjoy them.


What are Konjac SpongesKonjac Sponges?

Konjac is a plant that grows in Asia and the roots of the plant are ground down and formed into sponges.  They naturally contain various vitamins and minerals and are alkaline, so leave you skin pH balanced.

When you receive them, they are completely hard, however when submerged in water they grow in size and develop a texture unlike anything you have felt before.  Konjac sponges have a silky, soft, bouncy feeling to them.

These sponges can be used and are effective with or without cleanser.  They very gently exfoliate the skin and remove dirt, grime and blackheads when used in a circular motion around the face, neck and eye area.  They will not irritate your sensitive areas, rather will leave them clean, soft and radiant.

Our pack of Konjac Sponges come with 2 different sponges per pack.  One natural sponge which is used on all skin types and sensitive skin and a black sponge which is infused with bamboo charcoal for acne prone, problematic and oily skin, or just for a good deep cleanse once a week.

They are simply hung to dry after use and they will become hard again until re-submerged in water.  If cared for as per the instructions on the box, the sponges should last for many months.

Here are some additional facts about our konjac sponges that you may find interesting:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Naturally pH Balanced
  • Gently Exfoliate
  • No Additives
  • No Perfume
  • No Dyes or Coloring

We hope you try these little babies out and see for yourself the wonders they can do for your skin.

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