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Argan Oil

How To Use Argan Oil – Top 5 Ways Video Demo

March 23 /2015


So you know that Beauty By Earth’s all-natural organic Argan oil is one of the best beauty products to have on hand, but do you know all of the different ways you can use it to keep looking and feeling happy, healthy, and radiant? Well, here’s a firsthand look at how to use Argan oil in five different (but equally fantastic) ways.

The benefits of Argan Oil - Infographic

How to Use Argan Oil: Our Top Five Ideas

1. To Smooth Frizzy Hair and Add Shine: Hair feeling a little frizzy or dull these days? A few drops of Moroccan Argan oil will fix that right up. Depending on your hair type, drop 2-4 drops of Moroccan oil into your palm (the oilier your hair tends to be, the less you need to use). Starting at your tips, rub the oil into your hair.

2. To Moisturize Your Face: Enjoy soft, supple skin by working organic Argan oil into your face every morning or night. Starting with a clean face, drop 2-4 drops of oil into your palm. Rub the oil into your fingers, then apply to your face in an upward motion.

3. As a Deep Conditioner to Moisturize Dry or Damaged Hair: Nourish dry, damaged hair with a weekly deep-moisturizing Argan Oil treatment. Start by dropping 20 drops of oil into your palms. Rub them together, then work the oil into your hair. Start at the bottom and work up, adding more oil if the first 20 drops aren’t enough. Watch Danielle’s video below for more details.

4. To Help Prevent Stretch Marks or Minimize their Appearance: Our favorite Argan oil benefit for mamas is its ability to help stretch marks fade. Add 7-8 drops to your palm, rub your hands together, then work the oil into any scars in an upward motion. If you’re pregnant, do this twice a day to help keep stretch marks from forming.

5. Heal Cracked or Dry Heels: Learning how to use Argan oil for dry, cracked heels is easy. Grab a pair of clean cotton socks, then drop about five drops of oil into your palm. Rub the oil into any dry or cracked skin on your heels. Slip into your socks and let the oil work itself in overnight.

For more inspiration on how to use argan oil, check out this post on the MindBodyGreen Blog. Or, even better…

Want a Closer Look?

No problem! Check out our video on how to use Argan oil below. You’ll get an inside look on all the uses we described above.



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