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Happy Whole You Podcast features Beauty by Earth

March 04 /2020


We’re so excited to share with you the latest episode of the Happy Whole You podcast, featuring our very own Prudence Millsap, President of BBE! Hear the “why” behind Beauty by Earth and how our whole company started.

Prudence gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the epic process of natural beauty product production. From crafting totally unique formulas to selecting high-quality ingredients, Prudence shares fascinating insight into the BBE process. (SPOILER: Sometimes, it can take 1 to 2 years to go from formula to listing!) Listen to the episode now!

Prudence Millsap of Beauty by Earth featured in the Happy Whole You Podcast, Episode 15

About the Happy Whole You Podcast

Anna Marie Frank hosts the Happy Whole You podcast, devoted to inspiring stories and strategies to achieve “better health, wealth, happiness, and success.” She advocates for brain and body wellness as the key to an abundant life. You can listen to more episodes of Happy Whole You on Apple Podcasts.

Since November 2019, Anna Marie Frank has been offering insight on topics ranging from more specialized conditions such as ADD/ADHD to discerning your body’s health cues. Frank is an author, speaker, biohacker, brain health expert, and life coach.

A picture of Anna Marie Frank, Happy Whole You Podcast host

What’s in Store?

This Happy Whole You podcast interview will touch on subjects like toxins—such as parabens and sulfates. Other topics include the impact of fragrances in products and the benefits of natural deodorant. (BBE has some wonderful deodorant options, without the nasty ingredients like aluminum). In addition to the deodorants, Frank is also partial to our self tanner. We definitely share the obsession! To finish, Prue talks about some of her personal practices to lead a healthier life. If you’re looking for the skinny on better beauty, be sure to set aside 25 minutes of your day to listen to these natural pros on this Happy Whole You Podcast episode.

You can find Anna Marie Frank’s work on her podcast, as well as on: | Instagram | Facebook

So, pop in those headphones, grab a cuppa, and settle in for a talk that’ll surely get those wheels turning.

Pleasant podcasting!



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