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Facial Toner Benefits Everyone Should Know

December 14 /2014


This blog post is entitled “Facial Toner Benefits Everyone Should Know” and we find that pretty apropos since there are more uses for a witch hazel toner than you can count on both hands!

Our lovely Danielle has just posted another video on the Beauty by Earth YouTube Channel to provide us all an in-depth view of the many facial toner benefits there are to be had – from cleansing, to reducing puffiness, to shrinking pores, to removing makeup, to tightening and toning skin, to waxing and tweezing, to aftershave, sunburns, to just feeling refreshed and clean – you name it!

We have received numerous communications from our customers about their hope for new products and questions about what’s coming next so, as you might have gathered from our recent blog post launching the release of our new hydrating facial toner, we are extremely excited about expanding our product line so you have yet another natural skincare product from Beauty by Earth available to you.

What could be more exciting than that?

Well, we do have 4 more all natural beauty products in the works as I write this soooooooo – I suppose the thought of releasing the next one is pretty exciting too . . . . 🙂

By the way, we would love to hear from you what products you’re interested in or would like to see available next so please drop us a line at or just comment right on this blog!

Well enough then, I’ll let you get on with the video, enjoy!!

Inspire Beauty, naturally! 


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