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Coming Changes to Beauty by Earth Subscription Plans

March 02 /2020

Coming Changes to Beauty by Earth's Subscription Plans

We’re always hustling to improve our game, so we’ve powered up our subscription plans! Here are some benefits coming just for you to our subscription plans starting April 1, 2020.

10% Off Every Subscription, Always + Forever

Always + Forever enjoy a 10% discount on all subscriptions, every single time. 🎉

Pause or Change Your Subscription at any time

Pause/Update Your Subscription at Anytime

You can pause, update, or suspend your subscription easily, any time you feel like it. And we promise never to hassle or harass you. 😘

Free Shipping on Orders of $50+

Get free shipping on all your subscriptions totaling $50 or more.

FAQs About Changes to Beauty by Earth Subscription Plans

Q: Why are you making these changes?
A: We’re always trying to improve your shopping experience with us, that’s why we’re giving you a bigger discount on our subscriptions, moving from 5% to 10% starting April 1, 2020. We hope this added discount helps you get even more joy out of your BBE orders!

Q: Will I still get free shipping on my subscription orders?
A: No, we’re no longer offering free shipping on subscription orders. If your subscription is $50 or up, though, you’ll still get free shipping.

Q: How can I change or update my subscription?
A: You can easily pause or update your subscription at any time! Just login to your account, navigate to the Subscriptions option on the account menu, and make any changes you’d like.

Change Or Update your Beauty By Earth Subscription

Thank you so much for being a Beauty by Earth customer! We hope these changes bring you as much joy as a bucket full of sleeping puppies!


If you have any questions or concerns, give us a holler.

– Jenny


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