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How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

BBE is here with the perfect How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage guide, so you can pamper that pretty face of yours to your heart’s content.

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How to Exfoliate Your Lips with a Lip Scrub

Chapped, dry lips haunt us every winter when the temperature dips. They crack, bleed, and just look gross all around. Kick flaky, dry lips to the curb, babe, with our easy, 3-steps to lip exfoliation. All you need is one stellar lip scrub and 2 minutes to transform icky to kissable.

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What is a Beauty Fridge and Do You Need One?

Beauty Fridges keep your products cool and preserve their freshness and longevity. But do you really need one? Get an inside look at what’s behind that tiny, pastel door.

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5 Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing—what is it exactly? Sure, you brush your hair, you brush your teeth, but why should you be brushing your body? What seems like a non-sensical proposal is actually a centuries old beauty regimen in certain cultures. If you’ve been searching for a lifeline to smooth skin, look no further. Implementing a dry brush into your routine is sure to deliver a number of divine benefits and leave you feeling revitalized.

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How To Use Argan Oil – Top 5 Ways Video Demo

Here’s a firsthand look at how to use Argan oil in five different (but equally fantastic) ways.

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