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How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage

BBE is here with the perfect How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage guide, so you can pamper that pretty face of yours to your heart’s content.

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Toxic Ingredients Hiding in Your Shower

Around here, we cherish self-care and the peaceful experience that a bath or shower can be. Think about it: your daily shower or bath can sometimes be your one opportunity for some alone time and pampering. Add in some essential oils, a little music, accompanied by all of your favorite products and you’ve got yourself … Continued

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Clean Eating Made Easy

If you started off this year with the goal of improving your health and eating better, we’re with you babe. However, we also understand that you’re constantly bombarded with health advice that at times can be quite conflicting (eat carbs, no don’t eat carbs! We can’t keep up!). And with all of these ever-changing diet … Continued

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Teas for Glowing Skin

We’ve uncovered the best teas for glowing skin that you needed to know about like, yesterday – but we’ll settle for right now. At the top of our “always in style” list of beauty trends, glowing skin is definitely our chief contender. Since we are natural beauty obsessed, we think achieving that effortless glow should … Continued

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Gratitude and Your Health

What connection exists between how you feel and how you look? We’re here to tell you that gratitude and your health are absolutely interconnected.

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Coffee – Benefits and Uses for This Powerful Bean!

We love coffee, so we’ve gone ahead and broken down the benefits and uses for this powerful bean just for you, babe. So pour yourself a warm cup and get cozy or hang tight in that Starbucks lineup. You’re going to love what we’ve uncovered in this one.

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Can I use Peppermint Essential Oil undiluted?

The short answer: NOPE! Peppermint essential oil is too potent to use undiluted (or “neat”). It will cause your skin to tingle, burn, or become irritated. But there’s more to it than that.

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Fall Haul! This NOT That Home & Beauty Swaps from Toxic to Clean

You know it’s fall, y’all, because pumpkin spice everything has taken over. Suddenly Target’s shelves are boasting all-things-pumpkin and #PSL is trending on our feeds. And what better way to jump in the season than showing you our favorite clean and green fall hauls! Better still, we’ll show you toxic products to throw out and our must-try swaps that will leave you and yours safe and healthy all season long. Join us as we highlight the best product swaps from toxic to clean, one #psl at a time. 😘 🍂 🎃 🥧

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Benefits of Jade Rolling

To quote the song, they see us rollin’. But why exactly are we rolling? To boost our complexions, of course! Don’t just take our word for it, though. This beauty technique has been around since ancient China. It’s no secret—jade rolling is incredible for your face, delivering a number of benefits on top of feeling amazing. You’ll find it’s super easy to incorporate, too, despite its spa-like airs.

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The Perfect Pamper Night

It’s the end of a long day. A looooooooonnnnnngggg day … Your muscles are practically speaking through long-winded, incessant aches and the amount of pressure built in your temples could create a diamond. In a word, you’re beat. This kind of mental and physical exhaustion requires some serious TLC, and luckily, Beauty By Earth has just the remedy. Find your own little oasis in an ultimate pamper night, full of relaxation, and no-toxins invited!

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How to Switch to a Natural Deodorant – You May Need to Detox

Now that I’m out the other side, it’s clear that the switch was worth it. My pits are happier, smell great, and aren’t being doused with toxic chemicals on a daily basis. You too can make the jump. Here’s everything you need to know about switching to a natural deodorant.

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A Healthier Alternative to Easter Eggs – Bath Bombs

Ah Spring. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and my kids are enjoying a break from school. Spring also means Easter is on its way, and if you’re like me you’re looking for an alternative to Easter eggs. Watching your kids hunting for candy is definitely a fun family memory, but you can … Continued

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10 Foods that Reduce Breakouts & Help Clear Skin

If you struggle with acne, you know how tough it can be to avoid breakouts. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to fight acne from the outside, using cleansers, masks, and other topical treatments. While these strategies can and do work, they’re not the only way to achieve clear skin. Eating foods that reduce … Continued

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Argan Oil For Skin, Get Rid Of Razor Burn

Argan Oil (also known as Moroccan Oil or Moroccan Argan Oil) has a million and one applications that benefit skin; and one of them is to get rid of razor burn. With summer officially here, us girls are sporting shorts, tank tops and bathing suits – so shaving is a must! The worst of course is when, no matter … Continued

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