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How to Layer Your Skincare Products

From cleansers to toners, and serums to eye creams (oh my!) – it’s easy to get lost looking at your bathroom vanity wondering what should go first and what should come next. And while layering up on multiple skincare products can seem like a recipe for oily and not so cute skin, there is a … Continued

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Why You Don’t Want Sulfates in Your Products

These days, finding clean beauty products that won’t hurt your health or the environment, and that actually work can feel like quite the challenge. From parabens to fragrances, keeping up with what is questionable and what is cool to put on your skin is no easy feat. But luckily babe, you have us and you … Continued

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Beauty’s Weirdest Ingredients

For all of the things that we love about beauty, keeping it natural and plant-based is at the top of our lists. When organic beauty is your jam, you quickly become a pro at reading labels and furiously googling when you find an ingredient even Siri can’t pronounce. And in our quest to bring you … Continued

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Post-Workout Skincare Routine

Working out isn’t only good for your body, babe. It does wonders for your complexion by getting your blood flowing, and making your skin glow. And although your skin will thank you after you’re done killing it in the gym or getting your sweat on outside, special attention should be paid to your pretty face … Continued

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This Not That: Summer Edition

Bright mornings, long nights, glowing tans, and minimal makeup – yup, we love summer around here. And with a change of season comes the opportunity to think about some of our habits that could be improved for our health, and for the planet. From the products we use to bronze up, to how we host … Continued

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