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Argan Oil for Men – In Esquire Magazine – A Great Father’s Day Gift Idea!

Jun 09 /2014


Father’s Day is Right Around the Corner!!!

Hey, it’s Prudence.  I came across a great article today on argan oil and its many uses for men.  This article was published in Esquire Magazine  back in 2012 and deserves a good read.

With Father’s Day this coming Sunday, we are all talking about what to get our dad’s.  Argan oil make a great and unexpected treat for dad.  Moroccan oil is an extremely versatile beauty and grooming product – great for men regardless of age, skin or hair type.


What are some of the uses of Argan Oil for Men?

– As a facial moisturizer (good for all skin types including acne prone) 

– Reducing skin irritations

– Tightening  sagging skin

– Slowing the onset of fine lines and wrinkles

– Clearing up scars and blemishes

– Moisturizing a dry scalp

– Eliminating dandruff

– Moisturizing dry hands and feet

– Lightly styling short hair or beard

– As a beard oil

– Eliminating razor burn

– After sun care


So there you have it – so many uses that it makes perfect sense as an inexpensive gift for dad.  One bottle will last your dad several months, so this gift will keep on giving.

We wish all dad’s out there a relaxing Father’s Day – you deserve it!


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