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Argan Oil

Argan Oil For Hair – How To Get Perfect Natural Curls & Waves Video Demo

March 10 /2015


Beauty by Earth’s All Natural Argan Oil for hair leaves your locks filled with volume and personality. You can get the luscious curls and waves you love without damaging your hair with curling irons and chemical-filled gels. Intrigued? Read on to find out how.

Using Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair to Create Perfect Natural Curls & Waves

Style your hair with Argan Oil right after you step out of the shower (your hair should be dripping wet). Comb out your hair, then gather it all to one side. If your hair is naturally wavy, dispense five drops of oil into the palm of your hand. If your hair is naturally a little curly, use a little less. Rub your palms together, then start scrunching! Work the oil into your hair by squeezing from bottom to top, adding volume and curl. When all the oil is worked in, move your hair to the other side and repeat.

Once you’ve scrunched to your heart’s content, let your hair dry for ten to fifteen minutes. When it’s no longer sopping, repeat the steps above, this time only using two drops of oil per side. The more you scrunch the more oomph you’ll end up with, so don’t be afraid to really go for it. When you’re done, give your hair another fifteen minutes to dry a little more. Work another two drops of Moroccan Oil into each side, and enjoy.

The Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

We loving using our all-natural Moroccan Oil as an alternative to conventional hair products because it lets you avoid all the damage caused by curling irons and hair spray. Instead of loading hair down with gunk, you end up adding moisture and nourishing your scalp with vitamin E and antioxidants. No more of that crunchy look you get from gels. Instead, your hair looks soft, volumized, and naturally radiant. We’re not the only ones who love Argan oil: check out this list of celebs who swear by it.

When it comes to using Argan Oil for hair, natural curls and waves are just the beginning. The Crunchy Moose has a great guide to even more Argan Oil benefits, including some useful recipes. We also have plenty of tips in our blog (including this guide to using Argan Oil to reduce frizz). And, as always, Danielle’s videos are here for a step by step walk-through. Check it out to get all the details.


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